Fluid warming is a critical component of a surgical team's plan to maintain patient normothermia.  It is accepted practice in most surgical suites to warm fluids to known and controlled temperatures.  Warming helps healthcare professionals approximate fluid intake, output and blood loss during procedures.  Surgical teams leverage irrigation fluid warming protocols to reduce the risk of negative patient outcomes.

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Fluid Warming Drapes:

Our FDA registered drapes our designed so there are no gaps between the drape and the warming unit.  We use high quality, clear Polyurethane material.  Our sterilized products are individually packaged for easy draping and turnover.  We provide a full suite of Fluid Warming drapes, Disc Slush drapes and Rectangle Plate Slush drapes.  They are available in cases of 24 count.

  • Dimensions: 44"x 44", 48"x 48, 44" x 66" and 52" x 66""

  • Single-use, heavy-duty polyurethane drapes

  • Conforms to the inside of the warming basins 

  • Designed to work with across various Fluid warming Systems

  • 100% latex free

Fluid Warming Systems:

Let us show your teams how our Fluid Warming System can become a key part of your patient temperature management planning.  Our systems are produced in the USA and have easy to use controls that reduce the risk of contamination in sterile fields.  Consistently heating fluids can help surgical teams reduce or maintain desired turnover times.  Northfield's Fluid Warming Systems eliminate the need to label and rotate saline bottles in warming cabinets.  The reduced foot traffic in the OR saves time, reduces distractions and helps teams manage infection risk.

  • Temperature settings can be adjusted and locked between 95°F (35°C) and 110°F (43°C) with temperature accuracy of +/- 2°F (complies with AORN standards)

  • Available Sizes: 3.5 Liter, 5.5 Liter and 5.7 Liter 

  • Provide immediate access to warm irrigation to reduce the risk of hypothermia 

  • Multiple basin sizes to meet your protocols

  • Available with height adjustable stands with built-in caster wheels for easy movement


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