Absorb! Spill Kits help companies protect their employees during the clean-up and disposal of vomit and other body fluid spills. Let us help your organization strengthen its infection control plan with our customized kits, instruction guides, and clean-up protocols.

Northfield Medical Manufacturing, a Premier Contracted Supplier, is committed to providing effective, innovative solutions to protect health care workers and service employees from the threat of infection associated with the handling of bodily fluids, blood, vomit and surgical waste.​ Please check out our branded and custom spill kits, solidifiers and other infection control solutions. 




Absorb! Uro Collection Bags are pre-filled with Northfield's proprietary solidifier powder, allowing for the real-time solidification of fluid waste produced in the urology suite.  This enables safer and faster room turnover at the conclusion of each procedure.  Each bag includes a universal adapter to fit any urology table and tubing system.



​The fastest-acting, most effective solidifier on the market, Absorb! quickly and completely solidifies liquid medical waste to eliminate one of the most vulnerable sources of potential infection, virtually eliminating employee exposure to aerosolized bloodborne pathogens. Canister contents are solidified when the procedure is complete, helping to reduce O.R. turnover time.