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Currie's ALP® DVT Prevention System is a non-invasive external intermittent pneumatic compression system used as prophylaxis for reducing the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT ).

Contact us today for a quote or samples.  Our products are available on major GPO contracts including Vizient and Premier. Download our product information sheet here.


Our ALP® system consists of a pneumatic compression pumps and an extensive range of breathable garments, including foot, calf-length, and thigh-length. The ALP® is designed to be a user friendly and patient compliant system in order to achieve a high level of nurse and patient satisfaction, which are critical components to promoting patient compliance and positive clinical outcomes.

  • Superior comfort and breathability

  • Quiet operation and proven ease of use

  • Efficacy demonstrated through clinical studies


Currie's ALP® has been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT ). Clinical Studies utilizing the ALP® system has been proven to significantly reduce DVT rates vs. competitor products.

Compression Sleeves | Currie Medical
  • Clinically Proven to Reduce the incidence of VTE with our trademarked Uninterrupted, Continuous Sequen­tial Fill™ creating our additionally trademarked Wavelike, Rapid Compression™ cycle.

  • Alternating compression of the PVA/ALP® Alternating Leg Pressure® system increases the blood's fibrinolytic activity twice as much as any other system. The PVA/ALP® compression reproduces the same venous compression action as if the patient were ambulatory.

  • THE ALP3SYSTEM HAS THE SOFTEST MOST COMFORTABLE GARMENT ON THE MARKET - Patients will not complain about hot, uncomfortable plastic garments.

Compression Sleeves | Currie Medical
  • The Moisture Free™ Comfort Filled™ ALP® garment offers a soft inner lining creating a cool, comfortable patient environment and is air permeable for improved patient compliance. The breathable tricot mesh liner wicks moisture away from the patient's skin and allows for moisture evaporation without again contacting the skin.

  • Universal Garments fits right or left foot - no need to carry right and left sizes.

  • Only foot garment to accommodate for the abnormally high arch (pes cavus) present in approximately 60% of surgical patients. Only loot garment which primes the calf muscle during its compression cycle.

  • PVA/ALP® foot compression has 30%  bladder surface area for venous area compression on the plantar and dorsal surfaces and the PVS/ALP® alternating pressure action increases the blood's fibrinolytic system by compressing more of the venous system and twice as often as any other product - thus a greater reduction of DVT/PE incidence.

Compression Sleeves | Currie Medical

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