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Our Implantable Cardiac Monitor Insert Trays are designed to work with insertable loop recorders (ILRs) and cardiac monitors (ICMs) from manufacturers like Medtronic (LINQ Reveal), Boston Scientific and Abbott.  


A Loop Recorder device is not included with the tray.  

The Loop Insertion Tray (Item #: CPT1000) is a comprehensive kit for any physician to pierce the upper chest area under the skin and hold open the incision and insert the loop recorder device and seal closed afterwards. 

The tray includes options for closure. The most popular option is the inclusion of a Violet Poly Synthetic Suture that is ABSORBABLE. (Compare to Ethicon Vicryl).  Our team also includes wound closure strips to help secure and keep the incision neatly and tightly pressed together. An optional product that can be used and purchased separately is skin adhesive applied at the incision point.


We also include several multi-function instruments to help in puncturing and holding the opening for implantation of the device.  Included at the very top of the tray is a gown, gloves and solution for prepping the skin site for incision for added ease when using the tray. Once prepped, the remaining tools are located at the bottom of the tray for use during the procedure. Finally, we include a small fenestrated drape to apply minimal coverage on the patient during the procedure.

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